L$D – A$AP Rocky

Music industry like any other structure has an existence of its own, reacting to its own matter. In today’s occidentalmusic world, past the fact that authenticity is not a value to everyone, everyone still relates to the music they listen and the artist they follow through the prysm of story telling. People need a story, need the artist to be a character. Sometimes a hero, sometimes not, but always the gravity center of a story. A$AP Rocky story has always been interesting and strong. And if today it more his career choices that everyone pays attention to, wondering how to step into the mainstream, the release of his latest album At. Long. Last. A$AP, was deeply related by the death of his friend, co-founder of A$AP Mob and charismatic figure that was Yam. So before the release, this album was already announced to be a rite, a reaction…Based around A$AP Rocky new interest LSD, this first single LSD is a beautiful contemplative contemporary ballad with nothing much but pure textural matter. Don’t look for the story, look for the production, for the the abstract choices of treating a song with a rap break in it… the wanders of an still young and gifted artist stepping more and more into the mainstream, fashion killa talking about Rick Owens, with a feel of tasteful jetset. At some point you will fall into the shyzophrenic world that creates money, bringing together values that have not much in commun. But if you can handle the vacuity of the message, focus on the rest..

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