Inherent Vice, a film by Paul Thomas Anderson

Inherent Vice is the new film of Paul Thomas Anderson, film based on a novel written by american novelist Thomas Pynchon. If Thomas Pynchon is known for a his complex structure and multiples story. A full critic of the movie would be to me here almost impossible by the amount of culture it demands. Police investigation, description of the hippie doppy californian community of the beginning of the 70’s with its share of heroin stories vs sexually confused “human rights I don’t give a fuck” cops, love story of a modern Orpheus willing to go to hell to get the one he can’t stop thinking about, this film is a love letter to the american litterature taking us from Chandler to Bukowsky, this new Paul Thomas Anderson is also a love letter to cinema if you go from Twin Peaks to Kill Bill, enlighting the best of Tarantino films and flirting with comic books with the cartoonish caracter of Bigfoot played by the charismatic Josh Brolin or the poetic junky Coy Harlingen played by Owen Wilson. A mosaic film where stories evolve like simultaneous layers, where the question of structure reminds me of Kubrick, the movie deserves to be seen and seen again…. It goes without saying Joaquin Phoenix is once again stunning, so is the rest of the cast( Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Waterston, Joanna Newsom…)

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