Death Grips – The Powers That B

We won’t hold it against you if by now you don’t know if  Sacramento based hip hop punk band  Death Grips is an actual band. Since they’ve chosen to “sucessfully” divide action and press statements. Inspite of the fact that they have a year ago anounced the end of the band, they’ve have since then realeased the first tracks to a a new album Jenny Death in March, a new video and announced a world tour. I’m not even going to go into the details of what makes or does not make sense. What I can tell you is everytime I hear the band I feel like I’m listening to a contemporary version of Black Flag, with the released of an openly honest rage mixed with the release of a tired psyche. The question as it is often in america is what are the values behind the multiplicity of cultural references. Is it another unconsciously digest ensemble of symbols that one can proudly rap under the ” White trash” label or is the the honest expression of a structure action ? Here is their new video The powers that b

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