Big Sean feat. Drake & Kanye West – Blessings ( Nouveaux riches issues)

To celebrate and promote the release of his third studio album Dark Sky Paradise, Detroit rapper Big Sean released yesterday the first music video of the album: Blessings feat. Drake and Kanye West. Mixing trap and pop with elegance, the production is defenilty showing Big Sean’s choices and skills in term of position in the industry. And if the dark cinematic mood is the perfect frame for such a collaboration sadly those three artists do not share only talent, but in this track money as a value. If I am flexible enough to be able to understand that being able to send your kids in a private school and calling me from your private pool has something to do with being more blessed than having to struggle to feed yourself and your family, I am not sur that there is only one degree to the idea of being blessed. The absence of spiritual content, the wining about the pressure of having to be there for your family, the “I am rich” cannot be the only way you feel blessed? No definition of love or art. As I am probably digging blades in water, commenting on tne known codes of hip hop and rap industry too attached to its working bling image, I still thought it was worth to be written.

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