Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper – Baby Blue

It is and will always be complicated to answer to anyone bringing up Ghostface Killah while we talk about Action Bronson. But, if everyone keeps an open mind it would give a chance to more than old school timer that there is more to Action Bronson than a white replicated version of Ghostface. There is creativity as his Blue Chip mixtapes loudly show, creativity when it comes to music. In his baroque way to use music I would more think of comparing him to Rick Ross, since they both are able to bring music culture at the center of the game. There is a love for music, but also the ability of contemporary artist to make a show of his life, and that is his pop side i’d say. Humour, videos looking like he just came out of Thrift shop, a collaboration with Chance the Rapper that will make you smile, and a new album, Mr Wonderful that just came out. Everything to dig the vibe. So why you got to do me like that ?

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