Nick Mulvey – A driven softness

It has been a while since I have found a song I could wake up to, that would not destroy the softness of the morning but still push me into doing things. You know those type of songs made by someone with a heart and a talent. It sounds almost cheesy when I say it, yes I can hear it, but once you strip and song and an artist from all its polished media plan etc…that is when you start talking about the song, isn’t it?  Though english singer songwriter Nick Mulvey is mostly known for his song “Curucucu”, I had a chance to discover the man through “Meet me there”

After studying music in Havana (yes Cuba) and being the Hang drum player (Swiss Steel drum) in Portico Quartet from 2008 to 2011, Nick Mulvey decided to look for his own expression. Mashinp up words coming from his world and english songwriting,  developing a pop folk vocabulary reminding me of a Jack Johnson, I can hear a rhythm in his delivery driving the softness of his voice into moving melodic lines. His debut album is due on May 12th and Nick Mulvey will be supporting London Grammar Tour this summer, so get your heart back in place, and “surf” along with me on his sound for a while.

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