Jupe by Jackie – High end creativity (Fashion)

As I have been writing here and there about branding, ethics and fashion, it is now clear that each capital is today equipped with its crowd of more or less creative designers able to pin down a style  accurately expressing the way they live. From this impulse, as it can seem superficial to anyone not into the topic, I believe that fashion has a big role to play in term of us being able to live together today and tomorrow as its underrated social impact is much more important  that people might want to believe. As many questions shape the world of fashion, one of the question for exemple touches to one of the core quesitons of our occidental modern societies: the definition of a man. How to be help men today to be as expressive without breaking silent boundaries of manhood, or clearly stating  that the clothes they wear are made for someone who consciously belongs to a niche. And that how I discovered Jupe by Jackie.

Dutch designer Jackie Villevoye has started in 2010 her own brand by closely working with an embroidery atelier in India. At the end of the process both menswear and womenswear are simply stunning of elegance and details. Focussed as I told you on the menswear, which at Jupe by Jackie is made of ties and bow ties and scarf ties, I found myself speechless in front of the the detailed beauty of the crafted answer Jackie Villevoye  brought to the menswear world. Sold in high end boutiques around the world, Jupe by Jackie can be found at Colette Paris, Dover Street Market London, Barney’s New York and Comme des Garcons’ Trading Museum in Tokyo, amongst others and as the brand is carefully building its growth and its own little world , I’ll be paying much attention.



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