JJ Cale & Leon Russell at the Paradise Studios, LA 1979

While the america of the early 60’s is more agitated and moving than ever by going from the rebirth of modern consumerism  to civil rights struggles , cultural expressivity leading to the second most exiting artistic era of the 20th century, the music world keeps and keeps on creating, what will soon become classics, genres and movements. Among those many movement somewhere in Oklahoma in a town called Tulsa a group a musician among which JJ Cale and Leon Russell is creating a new sound. Mixing country, blues and rock’n roll, they create what we now know as “Tulsa sound”. If many groups and artists have been part of this movement Leon Russell has been for long one of my favorite songwriter , (writing for example the classic soul track ” A song for you “), and how not to love the chilled and nervous songwirting of JJ Cale? Luckily for us somewhere down the line , once all in L.A. doing sessions for all kind of projects, a video was made of one of the studio session. It is warm interesting and impressive, why missing on it ?

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