Emiliano Rinaldi – Contemporary High (fashion)

In today’s lifestyle world, we as consumers, get easily lost in the schizophrenic offer of a market inviting each of our actions to be expressed by a way to dress. It is in this context that often, the offer of  more intimate brands from streetwear to anti-fashion  is clearer to ready as it expresses authentic choice underlinded by pieces which become mere symbols of their lifestyle. The work of italian clothing designer Emiliano Rinaldi , who has creating   an independent brand  tailored at his image is  a loud  and brilliant exemple in that matter.

In his work we descover a scale of collections,  celebrating the traditional values of Tuscany (his motherland) melted to a high society lifestyle made out of Polo games afternoon, skying vacations and brunches. What is more unexpected is that the strong contemporary impulse,  giving birth to a new kind dandy shaped by all kind of influences and culture. If we can relate the contemporary side of Emiliano Rinaldi to the fact that he has studied industrial design before fashion, there is a very personal intuition in his work that both imprint a strong gravity center and a eye toward the outside. The  stunning creative choices used on high quality material today leads  concept stores  such as LN-CC to display Emiliano Rinaldi’s work.


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