Zebra Katz, Pulla Stunt















I guess this is the week where I realise that I have miss a few things in the last months, one of the things I have miss is this beautiful Zebra Katz video, which you know what to me, could be an answer to to Lana del Rey, mixing strong red neck feelings with lonely poetry in her video Ride. But  again , I am quiet well aware of the fact that I am probably alone in my team right now. Why do I say that ? it is a visual really, anyway more than this Zebra Katz is slowly rising from the unknown with this raw simplicity and a dark hip hop falling into an attractive psychological map . So I don’t care that it ‘s been out for 6 months, and just to show you that the guy is still acting straing I will feature his latest track on Sparks’s facebook page.

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