Young Ni**a (Tyler, the Creator) – She Won’t a Young Ni**a















That might be one of the most meanful tracks and video Tyler the creator has done in months if you ask me.  And I am serious, it is about time that hi=hop gets a slap back for all the bad things it has done, It is not the slap of the year but it is a start . So as a few months ago Tyler the Creator (Come on by now you know the whole Odd Future crew) has introduced Young Ni**a to the world in the most Funny and Die tradition I would say, all this by releasing the single “Come Threw Looking Clean” and announcing that Odd Future Records would be signing the rapper. So lets keep on diving into the talented hip hop dadaiste artist Tyler the creator making a foll of this rap gangsta bullshit industry. Yo ni**a !!!



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