Wale- God Salvation / Religion vs Values

I thought Wale’s release of its God Salvation video was the moment to talk about what he is actually saying, which is the idea or rap, remember ? According to Wale the only way for a man or a woman to be able to make things right, is by listening to some major force in the universe called God and what he told you to do (in a bible he did not write). It is not a relationship to values, it is a relationship to authority.  You know I don’t want to go all Nietzsche on your asses but the man was right on the topic. The christian  patriarchal system has not pushed many to travel within their souls in quest for values, it has just pushed insensitive and sensitive people to obey like dogs…

I mean “Still ya show no respect kid, the Good Book said praise “. This God’s peace Wale is talking about, is not going to happen by talking about ” Blaspheme” etc, scaring bitches like colonialism, the Church and States did for centuries. And when Wale is talking about Gospel going commercial, true but it’s been that way for a while man. There is not hatred or disrespect in my speech for Wale, but if you gonna rap, I’m gonna talk back, specially when you bring again and again this sad understanding of god and religion wondering why people do not act like sheep. Yo feel me ?

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