Van Life by Brodie Gwilliam











With all the BMX videos I watch everyday I start it seems to have a sense of things, and also a sense of repetition everyday since it seems that not many people care about the structure. Of course you can be exceptional every time, but you can at least try ? Can’t you ? This coming video is more than a try it is a real short movie about an simple experience, going to Vancouver to ride. The first 2 minutes of the documentary are mind blowing if you don’t listen to  the  Brad Pitt Chanel number 5 add type of diction, and then you get to follow the riders in their quest for better. The whole thing is driven weel filmed and more than exciting to watch.Mat Ridgeway, Dave Laliberte, Andy McGrath, Loren Lyftogt, Rasmus Gravesen, Brodie Gwilliam , Nick Lindstrom, Amos Franke, Slade Scherer, Ryan Hiebert, James Van De Kamp, Tyler Scott, Jason Teet, Matt Desson, Jordan Masurat are the riders involver. Ready ? Watch !



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