Tyler, the Creator – Tamale

Cereal boxes, dreams of facial and talks about bikes, L.A. hip hop punk artist Tyler the Creator is at the top of his game with his latest Wolf album. It has been now clearly established that one of the hold up of the last year in the music industry is the break through of Odd future Collective with a impressive group of talented black white trash kids. Prducers ,singers, rapper… they have what it take to talk the right kind of talk to the music industry and they did.

With his latest album, Wolf, Tyler the Creator  has been able to show that their was room for improvement, research, that he was lead by the ability not to repeat the same product over and over again ( we’ll obviously see about where this will go). Mixing soul more than RnB to the his rap flavour, Tyler is  one of a kind in today’s landscape and with this new version of Tamale and video he spits creativity and talent all over most of the rest of the artist. I love it….


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