Turandot, the supidest love story every written ?

By now we know that love stories have been (and for centuries) the main inspiration for many writers, composer, movie makers etc…Sadly from Stendhal to Love Actually, from Wagner to Bridget Jones, somehow the less inspired will claim to have found their impulse at the same source than the most talented artists. Now, as I was living the Royal Opera House, saturday night, after witnessing a stunning stage design and costumes, a brilliant choir,  Eri Nakamura as Liu, Marco Berti as Calaf and  Lise Lindstrom and Turandot, after all this I still could not help but trying to find what was missing in that libretto, because, guys, something is missing

Let me tell you the story: There once was a princess, Turandot , whom everyone wanted. But to be her Prince you had to be of royal blood, and answer 3 riddles. If you failed, you were to be beheaded in the following morning. Why, because she carries the spirit of another princess from a long time ago, whom once was abused and  needs to be revenged.  So basically there is a cold unstable Bitch who gets everyone killed because of a Spirit. I am sorry but if it is not one of the main definition of a case of instability .

Until then  let’s say it is ok, because you could say that it is a feminist libretto, giving women their own power. Except no, you could not because first to have power apparently the woman needs to be exceptional. Anyway you have to replace the story at the time it had been written if you don’t want to fall into non sense anachronisms. Anyway let’s say it is okay because the crazy Bitch had spices to the story obviously.

















So a prince resolves the 3 riddles, but the Princess is like ” This can’t happen, Daddy please help me ….”(Daddy being the Emperor). But the Prince is really in love because he has seen her once, so tells her she can go free and chop his head if she finds out his name by morning. For that she ask to the servant of the Prince, Liu, to tell her the name of her master. But Liu won’t because she is in love with the Prince because as she says in the first act to the Prince: ‘ You once smiled to me “. So they torture her and she dies.  Then  the Prince gives up his name up but suddenly Turandot is in Love with him. And that’s the end.

It does not make fucking sense. First the dumb bitch maid, is ready to get tortured and die because a Rich ass Prince smiled to her….. Come on, how fucking wrong is that! Written by Giuseppe Adami, Renato Simoni, the libretto has been created in an Italy where Mussolini was on the rise and Puccini and member of the fascist party. It is hard not to see in the libretto elements of the condescending attitude between masters and slaves, knowing that the fascist had made it very clear that they were the masters. But what is more interesting is Puccini’s relationship to women. I mean come on, you think a Bitch is going to die for you because you have smiled to her ? Yes I have thought of the polite fact that by smile he meant sleep with, which is one of my point all along. This opera should be called “Magic Dick” because obviously I am sorry but you’ve got to have quiet a dick for someone to get tortured and die for you after sleeping with you once. No ?

Ok Let’s move on in this incredible libretto. The Princess tortured his maid and the guy is still in love… ” Oh i find it so hot you killed the bitch, i want to fuck u more”. No because you might wonder why I am talking about sex, but that is the only obvious reason of 22 people who don’t know each other to be together, don’t be so christian about it. And then suddenly the Princess is in love after a night spend to talk to each other. Magic Dick again… I am just saying guys without those brilliant explanations of mine, I am not seing much sense


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