This train is never late / 50 Cent featuring Kendrick Lamar – We Up











As Chris Rock once said ” Wait for it Wait for…This train is never late! ” He was talking about racism, I am talking about greed. As 50 cents releases ‘ We up’ , what might be his best sounding track in years, no one seems to look fucking surprised that Kendrick Lamar would do a featuring in a 50 cents video. I mean Kendrick Lamar, the same man who showed one day and dropped Section 80 a pure modern  classic  of  conscious hip hop .  I know that I should not be surprised but it makes me shiver every time. I mean how fast does it takes bitches to flip, you know. From Azelia Banks to Stalley and now Kendrick , you release one good track or album is apparently enough  to  get you a free ticket to motherfucking Greed city and to embrace the dark side louder than ever… I mean, we can say what we want of Kanye West ( I know he is not helping) , he is still the only one who got the guts and the talent to release Runaway….


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