The poison of marketing in main stream Music Industry / Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie

As the men’s fashion world has woken up to a new-baroque contemporary man at the last Milan Fashion Week , on the other side of the planet Justin Timberlake decided to go for the full “neo classic crooner” genre in the release of his first ep in years.  30 years old women who used to be teenagers in love, all around the world, could not even hide the sparks in their eyes when they learn about the close release. And then it came… it came down to Suit & Tie. So…true no one was awaiting for Justin TImberlake to change or save the world, he has always been of the entertainment kind, pop icon and quiet brilliant at. But this wave of light disappointment towards the fact that this tracks is more than ever a commercial and marketing action than an actual music video needed to be pointed out. After all those years hat’s all you’ve got say ? Alexander Wang ? Is that what drove you to the studio in the morning? The celebration of  marketing clothing brands and clothes. We all knew musicians, composers would become enslaved by the fashion industry, as some celebrate the rise of independent new artists such as Theophilus London, able to be indie and Gucci in the same time, but I did not thing they would actually sing about it… ?

We are not talking about James Brown singing about shiny shoes in a necessary rhythm (that still make me want to dance). We are talking about a well done unnecessary  track, with a nice flow but nothing nothing compared to groove or beauty, we are talking about Chet Baker at his piano without the velvet songs…. that’s what we are talking about ! And what is there to say about Jay-Z eating everything like if he was still hungry… As I promised myself to go with the flow and to understand the motions of our world of industries, as I have educated about the classic music era, and the things composers had to do to stay on the scene, we are starting to flirt with a level of emptiness close to science… aren’t we now ? Where is the new sound, where is the moment when you express what you have to say through music?


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