The fauvism of Ava Duvernay – The door

I have been sharing in the last few days with my London crew the reason why Fashion is important in todays world. In the same time I have been focusing for 2 days on the origins of contemporary and modern art. It is a wild and long discussion,  and it is too early to argue about it, but one thins that always touched me is that modern art is parlty born of a need of more poetry, artist wanting to free themselves from the story telling of their pieces to stop on what might be the detail but is actully the art itsefl, the birth of abstraction sure is the most obvious example, but another one is just the contemplation. A scene that says nothing that its own style and the poetry of the absence. Under that light , painter such as Edward Hopper have been given way too much credit since the bitch can barely draw as my mother opointed out at the last Paris Hoper exhibition. And that is a reason why I love well done fashion movies so much and particularly The Door by Avan Duvernay. Because it talks about the absence and its movement. Now I know I am supposed to focus on the fact that it is made by he first female African-American director to win Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival and that it stars the stunning  Gabrielle Union. But once I have said that I would rather dive again into the movement that actually give some insensitive psychological description of the state of mind and the place of the character. To me it is about the style, not the story.

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