The Azealia Banks case… No Problems ?














So, I have talked about many times and as it took women 10 years to finally break the door that would lead them to hip hop and rap music industry it is interesting to follow the movement. Paying attention more than we ever did, each one of them seems to redifine the rules of a games no one really knows. Each one from Azealia Bank to Angel Haze or Iggy Azealia was a big slap the first time I hear them. But we all know that Azealia Banks kind of quickly lost it, more interested by the product and the fame than by the message. But still as she releases the music video ” No Problem”, where the video , directed by Rony Alwyin is close to a piece of art and the music something we are going to forget about (though there is something to look for in the rave/hip hop thing), I wonder why I am expecting so much of her , of them? Because if we are honest about it, there is a Dude quietly living his life calling himself Snoop Lion. But besides the obvious and the laughable no one is really saying anything bad about him. Still he is the master of creating a product. So, maybe I would say, part of the problem is that the music industry has so loudly become an industry in which the only question is ‘”How you’re going to make more money” that it does not even give a chance to artists to grow. Again you and I both know Azealia is a greedy little thing, and her goal is clear. But still so much pressure is put on those new young artists while they are only really doing there first steps that we could imagine that an artist such as Azealia Banks might need time to do her mistakes, to come around, and to give the best out of herself without the whole planet to be following the process. Meanwhile again the video is more creative than the sound.



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