The american sex crisis / Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball

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Talking with my croatian crew yesterday (Don’t ask) I was pointing out the fact that it is funny how america does not seem to want to learn anything from the Michael Jackson story. I mean the biggest pop start to maybe ever walk this planet went from this over gifted cute little boy to this unstable exentric pedophile. I am sorry to say it but beside Chris Rock not many have gotten rid of their gloves. In that fact alone you have all the ingredient of the american culture facing its eternal sex good and bad crisis. More recently on the VMA night (maybe the most useless night of the music industry) Miley Cyrus shocked the american public by being more sexual than expected. Everyone one still want to believe in a young little naive girl that was never there to start with. (Read more)

So the girl has grown, has need, and crisis and the desire to express all of this, Being a public figure that is what happens.  Since america or should I say U.S. never does things in the most settled way we end up with a  Naked (hot) bitch (Miley Cyrus on a rocking ball (her new video, wrekcing ball)…singing billboards tracks… I’m saying it is a little embarassing but not for her, for everyone, I mean, she obviously did not shoot the video herself, there is a whole bunch of greedy bitches out there that were much too happy to help the queen make a fool of herself…From the production to the marketing, to the audience who have already seen the video more that 13 millions times… ?  Of course once again I could expect Nietszche to show up and to talk this time about ” american psychologiist” so tourmented by the idea of good and bad that they do not know how to resolve the question of sex in their own society. Meanwhile as no conclusion seems to emerge well maybe a girl who leaks a fucking hammer needs a little bit of help to get both laid and better. The song is good though, so is her voice.



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