The accidental sociological poetry of a commercial: McDonalds Parallel lives

By now all of us is quiet aware that we live surrounded by commercials everywhere. And with the birth of the 80’s, we might have been light and even ready willingly embrace product marketing as a culture in itself today, most of us have a very unpleasant feeling when a commercials stops you from watching even a youtube video. Yesterday was an accidental day already for me since I went to the movie in the afternoon, trying to stay away from writing more music. That is when, while watching what I understood at the end was a McDonald commercial, I realise that there is quiet a long stream of accidental sociological poetry in commercials. lets take that one for example.
You see a teenage black kid and an old guy living their parallel lives and then both going to the McDonald at the end, and the ad tells you that at least they have this in common. But the parallelism is so well done that you actually accidentally face something way deeper than the commercial. What it really says , is that no matter your taste the important thing is relation to what you do. hThe kid is listening to an mp£ with his friends, when the old man is listening to a vinyl. But they already have something in common here, there recognise music as a source of entertainment. So the question is what if no matter what we like we are all doing the same thing, which keeping ourself busy from this life that is passing by.  Is anyone following, because I am quiet excited about it….

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