Tabes for the Babes – Episode 2














If we did not have stories we would not have anything to say or to write. A story means a structure, concrete or abstract, it and it means of movement between tension and release. I know you wonder where I am going with that, but my point is that BMX is one of those sport where men and women (more than you know) have managed to built a life where communities do not destroy each other, where at the end the day, everyone has accomplished something. It is not a walk in the park and that is what makes it beautiful if you are willing to look behind the whole branding scene. Tabes of the Babes is one of those stories, the story of Ryan Guetter Alex Landeros, Zack Warden, Ben Snowden, Kevin Peraza, Jourdan Barba, Ross Lanier going ont the road to Riverside, San Diego and Las Vegas stopping at parks, trails and ditches along the way and ending at the Extreme Thing Dirt contest. And that is quiet a story to tell…Are u ready



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