Supreme and Married to the Mob’s $10 Million Lawsuit Dropped

After attending to brand every teenager of the planet, making billions out of the street lifestyle, almost stilling their logo from artist Barbara Krueger, Supreme decided that there was probably a way to get greedier. And that is how they thought of  taking Married to the Mob brand to court last May, Supreme recently dropped its lawsuit against Married to the Mob surrounding the controversy that began with the label’s “Supreme Bitch” T-shirt. Started by Leah McSweeney back in 2004, Married to the Mob has established itself as one of streetwear’s perennial female favorites and among it, one of its first designs has had the greatest impact — a T-shirt that read “Supreme Bitch” using the same box logo format as Supreme. While Supreme owner James Jebbia claims that he thought the shirt would only be a one-off, it caught on and eventually, the logo began to appear on a variety of other items, leading Jebbia to eventually launch a $10 million dollar-lawsuit against Married to the Mob for copyright infringement.

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