Suepreme by Kidult

On the planet let’s brand like bitches, it seems that Supreme is getting deeper and deeper into the “Play dirty ” game. Last week the elite street wear and skateboard  company, Supreme, has decided to simply sue an artist to protect their name, their logo, and their aesthetic.  By now we know Supreme’s attitude has mainly been to respect powerful artists such as Damien Hirst  and try to fuck up the others by suing artists such as Leah McSweeney, and that is where it all went wrong, Supreme is suing Leah McSweeny and her brand Married to the Mob brand for $10 Million USD for using “Supreme bitch” which in my book is  the lamest, dirtiest move you can think about. Complex magazine has decided to reach out to Barbara Kruger, the artist that ‘inspired’ Supreme logo. She has always been quiet in the past about the fact that brands where rip pin her off,but here is here answer t. Read more…



















But now it is the french street art activist Kidult who has decided to  come out of the dark with his new anti campaign, Suepreme by giving away suepreme T-shirt via his website . Simple efficient and necessary. I am now waiting for the xxl version!


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