Stepping into the music industry / Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, & ScHoolboy Q- On The Road

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By now everyone what people use to call the american dream is a crack head on rehab looking for forgiveness by trying to reanimate its own uplifting ways. But if the time of free parties and cultural and artistic  expansion has gone, it does not mean that people do not make it to the top anymore. What it means is that they make it in a more pragmatical way as the top is now an industry. Well aware that any chance they’ve got to win at the game has to be documented, manufactured, marketed, artists have become their own product. They say “you’ve got to have a story” which implies that some people do not have a story.  It is a questionable point but if I accept it Yves Saint Laurent does not have  story. You don’t believe me ?Try to write his bio and tell me how long you last. (Read more)

The story of those is guys is only interesting if you  take a step into sociology to understand the ” exception” they represent. Born black and broke  in the hood of California, the whole psychological structure of what you can become and how you can make it has more to do with a Scorcese movie than with a school system. That is probably why the main argument Kendrick throws on the table is that they have made it, more than just expresing the need of a artistic expression.  This feeling of finally being able to see further than yourself and to have made it outside of the social trap, is so far the main uplifting emotion. But what do we care, I don’t, they’re not my friends, they are hip hop artist I want to understand as artists, wouldn’t you say ?  So all this to say that it could way more intense on the sociological point of view instead this strange wondering into what people call fame. What u say ?


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