Saint Laurent – Pimping Rock Stars with Cultural colonialism…

As every morning the world of Paris fashion wakes up scared to know what vision Hedi Slimane had during the night, and of course in a way that is an exciting feeling. Every movement needs people with a vision to push and question boundaries. And when it comes to Hedi Slimane it seems that pushing and breaking is not a problem . In his rebranding war of former Yves Saint Laurent, now known as Saint Laurent , Hedi Slimane has chosen to launches a new project  around successful musicians in which he is going to use Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth), Courtney Love, Ariel Pink, and Marilyn Manson, taking stoic portraits of each of them  to give a whole different vibe to the brand.

Though one side of me quietly smiles thinking of  all the bitches wearing Saint Laurent fully unaware of all those artists, the more descent side of me  still thinks it is a step further into the dark side of Douche Inc. for Hedi Slimane to once again rob another culture that has nothing to do with Yves Saint Laurent.  Come on, I am sure we could call cultural colonialism… couldn’t we ?  ! And what the fuck Sonic youth  and Marylin Manson are doing her for Saint Laurent ? They’re getting pimped like little bitches that what’s going on, which is a pretty sad message for this crew of ex rebellious dudes.

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