Robbie Taylor | 2013

Here is the best edit I have found in the last few days. This being said I would like to also say that  maybe by accident or maybe because it is the general mood, I have seen a lot of edits featuring riders with more convincing skills than the average but with something that feels a little off. I can not quiet nail it down. Maybe it is the fact that the riders have freshly learn new skills and vocabulary and therefore stay stuck in it enjoying their new love for Wittgenstein. 

If it is the case that might explain why I feel there is maybe a lack of creativity at this stage of the process. Maybe I haven’t watch enough indoors edit for a while and feel it stops a certain attitude.  All this is a pure opinion of mine but that how it feels.This being said don’t get me wrong everything’s cool. English bmx rider Robbie Taylor is rocking every chance he gets and a whole lot of rider wish to own the same set of skills…

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