Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013)

Most of you don’t know the man, but Henri Dutilleux is major composer in the world of classical music.Symbol of a modern composer in a contemporary world, the french composer  carried with him the poetry and the  aesthetic of  the french music of the beginning of the 20th century, often compared to Debussy for his  sense of structure and harmony for example, Henri Dutilleux was obviously much more than this, and to me some kind of warm poet I must say. I am not going to take you through his bio because you are all going to be bored and that would be a problem wouldn’t it now ? No what I am going to bitches is  I leave you with one or 2 videos of his music, the first one the violin concerto is pretty amazing even if the violin player is a interesting as a banker on a holiday . The work of the man is important to me.


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