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So like every winter, there is one side of the world freezing or pretending (when it is the South) to as the other side of the world is having laughter and tears under the sun or pretending to (when it is the North)… So like every Winter in Europe Australia and South Africa become the center of the BMX world. and today it is the whole australian BMX Concept website Props BMX TV with a bio of Luke Fink that shines ! Luke Fink doesn’t care about style if it means wearing the shirt that will make him look good and so street, but if style means being creative on his BMX, then Luke seems to be the man. A “Born for Combo” kid it seems, his creativity almost hurts to watch. Finding his strenght somewhere between his hips and knees, fast, light, precise and with a direction when he rides, this is the rider that you want to learn from today at Sparks ! ….



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