Marketing with the Stars / Prada Menswear SS13 empty Campaign

Come on, are we still in the 90’s ? We know that the more we listen the more we hear the changes. In that regard, it is quiet easy to see the way our world has evolved over the 20 last years. Because I am not heart of stone, I do feel like everyone a slight tenderness seing  Harvey Keitel and even Benicio Del Toro, 2 amazing actors in my world and many’s world becoming the stars of the new Prada Campaign… But once this feeling has pass, once I start thinking about Prada launching his campaign , can I say that it is a big lack of creativity, as well as a pretty sad confession that Prada’s marketing team has stopped watching the world living a while ago. Disconnected yes it is. And no it is not because your brand represent a certain kind of Luxury that you have to be boring about it ? Unless of course you are only targeting 60’s years old couples who love to watch over and over again their dvd collection once the dark has dropped.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, it is not everything to choose someone, we live in a exploding marketing world, where many people end up coming with fresh , contemporary ideas, it might be about time to try to upgrade your game…. no ? Oh and they have also chosen Aaron Taylor-Johnson (if you know who it is, then stop watching his movies) and Dane DeHaan (beautiful dark hero of Chronicles)  for this new campaing.

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