Ms. Lauryn Hill – Consumerism

Today is the day when this absurd Lauryn Hill story ends , at least physically as she is getting released of jail for a 3 months sentence of tax invasion. I loved her music, I was impressed by her quest, but I am not sure  she is a nice person,  not that I should care really .  Still what I find absurd is that no one was here to pay the $1 million she had to pay. With all the fortunate people in this world, letting a symbol and an artist like that going to jail repulses me as much as what she did to songwriters etc… Absurd I am saying. So obviously the woman did take it a little personnally  and fired back with a song.

And that is where it gets interesting because it is not your mom trying to twerk on Iggy or Miley, nope, it is Lauryn Hill: She is gifted hip hop diva, angry, and artistic. Now about the consumerism, I am not sure we have any lesson to receive from someone who made her name and fortune by selling a product…irony, foolishness, who knows… How u feel about the song ?

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