Misreading putting yourself in danger for cool: Kyle’s Gap

I know most of you think this Kyle’s gap story is pretty cool but to me is it one of the dumbest thing you can ever do as BMX rider. Break into a place and try the most dangerous jump, making sure that if anything happens to you, there is not going to be much help possible, that’s dumb as f.ck…You could have died there kyle. I know you’re gonna try to tell me that we all understand that it is that need for trying new crazy new things that drive any bmx rider to go further to get better. But yes but no, there is a frame to establish when you try something new and that frame might be one of the necessary tools to professionalism. That is where my obvious question comes: How did Mutiny Bike Co. supported that ?

You’ve been reading me 2 years now and in those 2 years I have never been personal about any brand. Stayed out of the game. The only reason I am talking directly about a brand here, is that I don’t understand how a brand would support a teen putting his life in danger…I’m sure everyone has a good explanation but the video is still here at the end. Isn’t it ?


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