Man of Steel (and cheese) / Trailer

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were questioning the idea of freedom as an individual entity in today’s society. It is not like we were doing anything bad or ‘dangerous’no. He actully showed french Tv shows of the 80’s which is not so long ago, and the freedom of speech, the kind of characters we came across was pretty wild I must admit. But things slide, we keep on living without noticing how drastically the world changes. In that regard we somehow agreed on the fact that today’s world is not inclined in building diversity when it comes to schems of life ,  stories, values, morals, but is instead of trying to replace the idea of moral by a general idea of social law, of mass behaviour… In that regard, Superman is a symbol of society where everyone seems to want to be one person, where everyone is heading in the same direction. Do you remember scene of Superman 1 were he is talking to a cop next to the american flag. I mean it is a fucking joke!  Now since I am a pretty evil bitch myself let’s have a look at the latest trailer of Christopher Nolan new product, Man of Steel and see how much cheese he puts on top of cheese….

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