Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Feat. Wanz















Come on, it is impossible not to embrace that much happiness in a song. I have said in the past some pretty bad thing about them, and i stand by my statement since it was related to a precise and lame song about Irish pride… But I can’t get over that song since the SNL performance of Mackelmore , Ryan Lewis and Wanz. My intellectual side is going to tell you that there is something powerful in having a social message in a successful  pop song without being neither corny or cheesy. I will also say that it is a much mire honest and powerful statement than kanye whining about brands, but then again what isn’t. But if you’re listening  to the song we both know you did not hear the end of my sentence as you are dancing the beat. So here are both the SNL performance and the original video, let’s make this tuesday a party tuesday !



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