M.I.A. – Bring The Noize














Our favorite Tamil hip hop artist M.I.A. is I must say one of my also one of the most convincing artist when it comes to main stream hip hop. Now once I have said that, the oldest of you know (I hope) that Bring the Noise is a track of hip hop heroes Public Enemy ” How low can u go ? Death Row” I have included the video because it is a preceless end of the 80’s feel. But back to M.I.A. , the tribute to the song stops here with maybe a black dude with a “he got game” T-shirt bringing us back to to Brooklyn by Spyke Lee. The video is quiet excitingly creative, and M.I.A ‘s flow is fresh and sharp. So that is already a whole of reasons for you to listen to song and to watch the video, isn’t it now ?


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