LCCOLLECTIVE by Eats the Rich














It is not a news by now that female artist have found a place in the world of hip hop and rap industry. From the decadence of Nicky Minaj to the violence of Angel Haze or the social content of Iggy Azzelia, it has been an eventful year for women in the industry. But now we’ve got the stars, we might want to pay attention to all the women over the world trying to learn grow and succeed in the environmentof underground hip hop.It is under that angle that Eats the rich (collaboration in between English documentary movie maker Jaha Browne and video artist Tara Manadhar) has decided to make enter the Nokia & Sundance London Competition to get a chance to finish their documentary about the LCCollective. The what ? I know, the LC Collective, a collective o women emcees who have dediced to stick together to gain more power. At least that is the simple punch line, But since it is not only about punch lines it might be a good thing to support the Eats the rich experience and vote them (come on you know it is free) Before you do that Watch then vote.  The film introduces MC ANGEL, SHAY D, SIRENA REYNOALDS and EMMA PRIOR as they create a musical energy that unites audiences at one of their late-night London gigs….Watch and vote



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