The hottest thing around: Kanye West/ A Music interview by Zane Lowe. Part 2 & 3

In the last 2 days, all that I have been thinking about is Zane Lowe interview of Kanye West. From his position at the BBC Radio, Zane Lowe might be in the process of building the final pieces of a  platform I have always wanted to see. A place of reflection on what it is to be a leading artist in its genre today, on goals and perceptions. As I already hear a whole lot of sad comments mainly based on the always striking amount of egotistic doze a man like Kanye comes up with (very impressive indeed), I just would like to point out that that behind the aggressivity of a man who seems to have always been like this, there is a impressive flow of interesting informations and ideas.

For example the fact that Kanye West spit that he  has been giving mainstream products to the “western world” for a decade for example, is true. There is nothing to argue, when you are on top of an economy that generates more than $ 6 billions/year, the impact you have on the imediate culture of your world is something a few have to deal with, and one can easily imagine how that can change the way our own action is percived. Obvioulsy in Kanye’s vision there is the absence of recognition of a whole lot of other talents, but the fact remains true (and yes I am aware that he actually said “humanity”). The honesty of the man who says “I’m not a designer, but I am not an musician either, I am not a rap artist either” is beyond what you’d hear most of the artist say. His understanding of himself and his perception of some of us being new slaves to fashion is hightly interesting, special coming from the man how activatly work to reinvent the relationship between fashion and music. Anyhow, anyone who’s not talking about that nowadays to me is missing out. What’s your input ?

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