Kanye West/ A Music interview by Zane Lowe. Part 1

It seems that in this world of music there is still a little bit of hope left, it seems that some people are still able to think about music in the most articulate ways. How pretentious of me you’re gonna say. Well allow me to retork. If  it is not for Consequence of Sound, when is the last time you read or heard a descent music interview. Because I can’t quiet remember as most of the interviews today are or about the lifestyle of the artist, or about the gear he bought , or about how much he sold.

Luckily my paradise on earth, New Zealand has produced one of the most interesting radio presenter of the moment, Zane Lowe. BBC1 presenter based in London, Zane Lowe has done an outstanding work of follow the trends of music with taste. After a full interview release of Jay-z a few months ago, it if now with Kanye West that the man meets. And yes, way too much noise has been made around Kanye who’s obviously as well a marketing genius. But here it is music only, though I do not agree with everything that is said, it is still an articulate interview around Yeezus. And more, we discover an artist in a very personal struggle. A lot has been said about hip hop and whole lot more is probably going to be said, but Kanye West has its own way to say it, when it comes to how much he has been part of a movement that has influenced the very people dishes him, he is ready for the fight, iand I am not talking about Hedi Slimane who is about to go mad when he hears what Kanye has to say. Now behind the show the question remains, how do you articulate culture and products without having a feeling that one is robbing the other. You don’t so far I believe, and Hedi Slimane certainly does not, Remember that piece I wrote about Slimane Pimpin’ Rock Stars..Anyway watch !

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