JAY Z featuring Justin Timberlake “Holy Grail” (Official Visual)

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So, a lot has been said about the latest JAY Z Holy Grail album. From the very strange public apology of Timbaland, who made us feel like he had offended a king, to the fact that a lot of people have express their disappointment regarding the artistic quality of the album itself. From where I stand and it is only where I stand it seems that a lot of people still expect an artistic content from entertainer like JAY Z. To make sure that I do not trash the man just because I can, I just want to point out the obvious. Any artist stops being able to feet in the social category of being an artist when his art becomes a product. Meaning part of an industry, in which he is a leader, a business man a man responsable for the jobs of others. Once you have put that in the equation the simple artistic attempt become a reasonable marriage between an certain artistic idea and a creative understanding of the market.

That is why entertainers like JAY Z are before all Supra gifted marketers of the own product. Ahead of the game, creative enough in his business to make you forget the difference between being creative and creating art, JAY Z will make you want to listen and watch as youare hoppping to understand the logic. Does this sound familiar ? Same goes for everyone. Now lets add to this already interesting equation the fact that we live in a world of image and that actually today the main artistic content is in photos and videos, then you end up with a powerful product such as this music video where it becomes harder to see where the quality comes from, since for exemple JaY Z is the first entertainer who took the whole Neo Classic Givenchy and Pyrex fashion statements to his industry, ended up with a beautiful coded music video (directed by Anthony Mandle) . Still, the message ? I mean pop star complaining that he can’t take his daughter for a walk….Say what ?


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