Is Kidult Terry Hoitz ? Kidult vs Marc Jacobs- 2-1

As you know my favorite anti-branding urban warrior is called Kidult and is so because he has decided to take action against this rotten branded Luxury world of ours, trying to wake people the fuck up. After tagging a few brands facade that used street culture to make insane amounts of money such as Supreme or CDCB, Celine ect… Kidult went on Marc Jacobs NYC and tagged their facade as well for using Graffiti as one of their motives. Kidult is a wanted men by LVMH and other Luxury thugs etc… but the only brand that was able to answer in a smart way was Marc Jacobs by selling a T shirt of their tagged facade called Arts by Marc Jacobs, which he sold 686 euros. So Kidult went this time to their Paris store and tagged 686 and release a statement on facebook “680? 689?…686? How much are you going to sell this for?”. So, so far we have the facts but..Now the question is:

Is Kidult going to sadly become Terry Hoitz ? Who is Terry Hoitz aka Marc Wahlberg in Adam McKay’s movie The Other Guys co starring Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes. There is this scene where Terry Hoitz makes as scene a contemporary galleria, and everyone applauds because they think it is a performance. Well I have this bad feeling that even when you try to stand up suddenly people applaud, saying , ” Amazing , where can I buy it ? ” It is scary and obviously reminds all of us about Georges A> Romoero’s masterpiece Dawn of the Deads where the first instinct of zombies is to be consumers in a supermarket. So what are we going to do about it ?

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