Hot & Greedy / The choices of Alicia Keys













Come on, I know there is no point is trying to make sense when you talk about the big selling artist vs music quality and responsibilities but I could not fucking believe it when I watch Alicia Keys new video New Day! You have got to be mocking ! Alicia Keys unlike many, can sing and write songs, in one the most convincing way flirty for a while with an answer to new soul, finding with to escape cheesiness even for a short time, Alicia Keys was one of the best hope for music to reconnect with the industry, and then it all went wrong. Even a princess can want more, loose her temper, and shows that the direction of her heart, the responsibilities she could have as an artist, are not as important as mother fucking cash !!! Greed, that all what it is about, because I can’t believe for a second that there is another reason for her to sing ”  it’s a new day A A A A A A A  A A A A A AA  AA A A A A A”!!!  Are you serious right now ? Is that waht you meant to do all along ?

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