Hot & Sweaty- BMX Mixtape Crackers Only ???

















So here  we are, in the middle of January, or should say in Paris in the middle of a fake cold, with a pretty full mixtape of a whole lot of willing and interesting riders from South Jersey such as Chase Dehart, Chris Aceto, Chris Girouard, Dave Raffa, Drew Quinlan, Hot and Ready, Hot and Sweaty, Jake Grelli, JD Whitehead, Nick Seabasty…some more catching than others but the whole looking like there is a pretty good level of skills. Of course we’ve all seen the trailer a month ago, so we knew there was something exciting coming up. But as I watch the video I start to notice that I’m only watching white kids, which is cool but a little surprising for a team based in Jersey… and suddenly …..the message is clear…It has been a while that I started to go towards a topic that I have been trying to avoid for a while… Racism in the BMX world…Trying to avoid it ? Yes because it is everywhere and part of the game, we know that, but I wanted to talk about more positive things when it came to BMX, but here, right there, someone has crossed a limit.

What the what ? Watching and sharing with you  I’m getting way too many signs of a strange reactions towards non white riders lately. Of course like every in the world, if you not white, you’ve got to be the best…so it is for riders such as Nigel Sylvester or Chad Kerley… but what about the  daily life of a culture that has been growing from the poor white neighborhood of the cities… I’m just flirting with the topic here because the “Crackers Only ” sign did not make me feel so fucking comfortable….and I’d love some explaining …. You know what, since I’m not  irrational I’m even going to wait for an answer, but that one ? That one is going to be hard to explain….

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