Girls be fightin’ / Angel Hale vs Azealia Banks

































As I wrote a little earlier this week, lets not forget that hip hop is way younger than it looks like and that its artists are still in a process of identifying to the style more than drifting away. Luckily hip hop history is still made out of gifted  artists able to make us dream from Biggie to the Roots from Mos Def to Die Antwoord etc…  In that regard of identification,  it is the rising star of the moment Angel Hale, with her mean raw flow who has started to fight over twitter against the rising star of a year ago, the agressive glittery  Azealia Banks. Now there are a whole lot of things that can be said about those to, but lets not get there yet. Let’s just follow the facts. Taking the fight pretty seriously Angel Hale ran to the studio to release a few hours later On the Edge…but wait it is not all……


So of course things where no going to stop there, Azealia Banks had to answer, more produced, darker I would say..but you tell me….

But this morning I wake up and see that the whole thing ain’t over and that the 2 rap artist are going Pulp Fiction on each other. So here is the latest drop Angel haze second track in this fight Shut the f*ck up, pretty straight !

So here we are with 3 tracks that won’t make history but might be the start of something interesting. The urge of going deeper maybe… I am very curious.

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