Flybikes in Vigo and San Sebastian

















I had somewhow never realized that Flybikes was based in Vigo ( West Coast of Spain), but what I had realized is how we can all thank Flybikes, for being one of the most active brands of BMX on the web, feeding us regular videos, products and fuck, way to dream. As you know I am pretty efficient at expressing with creativity my disagreement so it’s only fair to say what I love. For this video Flybikes shot in Vigo, its home town and in San Sebastien only minutes from the french border and which to me will always remain the town of Critobal Balenciaga, but that’s another story. Flybikes has done in this edit what not much people believe to be possible. A slow song, a blues actually, and it words, because when you know how to film a rider, many things work after that. So take in the love as flybike followed its riders Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner, Courage Adams and Rubén Rodriguez to create the magic and the spirit of BMX. It is a good video to show to your non-riders friends. Come on, go !


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