When a man sings a song / Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel performance 1968

In 1956, after quickly rising to local and regional fame, young Elvis Presley had just signed his first contract with RCA and was looking for a new song. After reading in the newspaper about a man who jumped off the window of his hotel, highschool teacher and songwriter Mae Axton wrote with Thomas Durden Heartbreak Hotel. We have song… Now 8 years later, after 2 years of military service and the most suspicious releases of soundtrack et films appareances, Elvis decided to claim his throne back by doing a NBC  Christmas special. He left the white rockabilly suit for  a full leather guear that is today legendary and a performance that is history.

So here begins the argument, in the music itself, i see manhood, strenght that I have hard to time to see today many famous acts. The songwriting is around, not much on the top 20 of the billboard but it ‘s around, some how managed to live its quiet life. So i know you think that I have turned into a conservative cracker and that the next thing I am going to dish is the gay community and them blacks in rap. But no, the point is not even the style, it is the quality of a man who’s man a choice worth listening too ?  All I mean is  when is the last time you have seen a man sing a song.  So what if we started back to the basics, and worked our way to a new music. That’s the goal…


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