Drake’s interview with Elliot Wilson for CRWN

Obviously, even I is surprise to see 2 very interesting music interviews  in less than a week.  My head is still spinning for Kanye West interview, but he is not the only one to be able to be articulate about his own music. Drake is as well. Seating down with a Elliot Wilson who seems to be on coke but still here, Drake is able to take about is will to blur lines in between his RnB and Rap sides, answering to Kendrick Lamar with peace and thoughtful insight reminding everyone that it is only a business.

I am also into the simplicity of the question that Drakes asks himself thinking of music: What songs are today’s kid going to chose for their weeding ? Which is an interesting question because it does underline the relationship people have with music today. From his relationship to his songwriter producer team mate Forty to his public persona, this interview deserves attention.



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