Division Brand – Worldwide mix #3

Thanks to Division Brand someone has notice that we were maybe loosing a little  beat of this monthly  rhythm made out of riders video, points of view personalities and moves. By not doing all of this we are becoming silent, and that is kind of  “not at all” the plan we had in mind.  Anyhow someone has notice that it was getting weaker so Division Brand has launch it Worldwide Edits, a serie of edits, featuring its team worldwide. Yes that is a whole lot of people. Featuring this time Daniel Johnson, Mitchell McDonald, Chris Whtye, Frenchie, Ivan Nikolaev, Keahnu Doyle, James Heyes, Jeremie Infelise, Trent McDaniel, Rhys Gogel, Anton Ayres and Carraig Troy, division brand still manages to bring us back to essence of the street riding: Find a spot and ride it till you get it.


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