Danny Brown / ODB ( Official video)

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Lets start this new season by pointing the fact that yes by now if you have been reading Sparks you might know of Chicago rap artist  Danny Brown. Indie rap charismatic product Danny Brown has both the will to imprint the world with his style and to make cash out of it, that is why is has been able to fine the line in between art and product. I know you might think that i s strange introduction but  his live act does express the best this duality. Alll the songs are played exactly the same than on records with no surprises, but with so much skill and passion that it is still uplifting. Anyway he comes back with his most basquiest track so far. Produced by his friend Paul White, ODB is supposed to announced his much anticipated OLD Album at the end of september. Tell me how you feel about the track because I am feeling a few different things.


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