Coal by Art Comes First

In some ways you could say that we are living through exciting times. Why ?  because  as the song goes ” Times are changing.” Now when Bob Dylan was singing that, the occidental world was about to take a big step into a individual freedom and rights leading to political and sociological and economical changes starting by an era of property and a golden age of arts. Today far from those, Critobal Balanciaga’s s sadness would be much more understandable. In a world where brands and marketing are looking for a way to sell a product to highest price without much sense of responsibility towards the masses, in this world the artist, and the art are in somehow great danger.

Shifting from the richness we used to know for a smaller word with more codes, there are not many  feeling today the urge to bring both quality and creativity in the game. Among the rare to stand for beauty is the collective Art Comes First leaded it seems by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, 2 men who have been much under the spotlight during the last Milano Fashion Week. Looking for ways to express their own creativity and their love for the well made product, lead by a strong artistic vision. Here is a strong and beautiful video written & directed by Finn-Erik Rognan and T-Michael presenting collection and mood that has been printed in my mind for the last 24 hours.


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