BMX Show BERLIN – Frank Wolf on LED
















If you are into Berlin and you want to do something before getting drunk high party and get back on the plane, there  might be a few things you can do. Berlin is still today on of the gravity center of creativity in Europe. More artists, galleries and creative unity are hidden in this city than in Paris in the 1920’s. Among this magma of creativity you will be able to find german BMX pro rider Frank Wolf. Old school rider enough to have started BMX after watching E.T., the man has been both a street artist and a rider before the 90’s where even born. By now, Frank Wolf is one of the coolest man around. Owner of a Cultural Cafe / Cafe Moabit, rap artist when he feels like it, the man has been into putting LEDS on his BMX for about a decade and is givin us the most convincing BMX LED video I have ever seen. So pay attention to this unique talent, watch the video both of them and share because this man deserves support !


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